Anyone who is in business, either for him or herself or as part of a larger entity, knows that it is crucial to have proper legal representation. Lawyers play a role prior to corporate formation; they assist with incorporation, partnership agreements, and help with short and long-term strategic planning. Attorneys play a vital role in ensuring that a business is compliant with the complex web of laws; that the business is protected from third parties; and attorneys ensure that companies are equipped with the tools needed to facilitate a healthy relationship with its employees.


Goldman & Rosa, P.A.’s corporate law practice assists clients with various legal needs throughout the business lifecycle, including assisting with business formation, operating and shareholder agreements, employer/employee issues, business strategy, regulatory issues, contract draft/review, formulation of website/online strategy and compliance, acquisitions/dispositions, mergers, joint ventures, pre-litigation counseling, negotiations, business disputes and various other day-to-day legal matters.

  • Business Formation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Contract Review and Drafting
  • Asset Transfers
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Employee-Employer Matters
  • Pre-litigation Counseling and Negotiations
  • Counsel on day-to-day matters
  • Business Strategy
  • Web Agreements
  • Mergers, Corporate Acquisitions, Joint Ventures
  • Assisting with Regulatory/Legal Compliance


Corporate law can be a complex minefield of different regulations coming from hundreds of different agencies, departments, and commissions. Businessmen and women should seek out a committed and trustworthy legal professional who has the necessary experience to diagnose problems, quickly assess possible strategies for dealing with those problems, and offer advice on how to proceed.

Aside from creating the business and managing problems, a lawyer should be able to help business owners with advice on day-to-day legal hurdles that might interfere with operations. Lawyers should be consulted in case there is ever a lawsuit against the business and lawyers help the owners and/or employees prepare for such a contingency. Well-thought-out pre-litigation planning might make the difference between continued business operations and the business being unable to continue as a going concern.

In some cases, it might be advisable, or even necessary, to bring in legal specialists to handle particularly sticky matters.

Before making decisions that could affect the business, good legal advice allows a company to make educated and appropriate decisions on which actions to take. Regardless of what stage of the lifecycle your business is in, business owners should consult with a lawyer whose focus is corporate law. Proper legal counsel will give all involved proper peace of mind and is the best way to ensure that a business has all the tools needed to succeed in the business world.